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Camminando in città

Bring sharing to your city in 20 days.

Thanks to our technology we offer solutions for sustainable mobility and connect people thanks to fleets of shared scooters.

How does it work?

Ancora 1

Download the free

app Green23

and find the scooter

near you.

Unlock the scooter

reading the QR code

on the scooter e

travel wherever you want.

Respect the highway code.

Leave the scooter

in the Green23 parks.

azzurro 1.png

You know the city. We how to operate.

Thanks to the Green23 app we manage all the rental without worries for documents, payments and we know in real time where all the scooters are.

Sharing is a new mobility model; in English the word means “to share” and it is on this basis that our business develops.

It's very simple: Green 23 places vehicles within a certain area, allowing only those registered to the application that controls the system to rent the vehicles made available for a fee for seconds, minutes or hours. charge per minute for use.

Al negozio di fiori

We support local businesses.

Green23 involves local activities

(for example shops) of the territory in order to provide a parking service for the rental of scooters in order to avoid wild stops.

The trader has no costs and earns from every run that starts from his business.

giallo 2.png

The micromobility

it is a market that is growing a lot throughout Europe.

The data of the international body testify to this: in just 3 years over 140 million more vehicles have been positioned within our cities, equal to + 1530%.

The need to travel in the last mile (so-called micromobility) is increasingly in demand, and more and more people prefer to avoid using the car for journeys of less than 5 km.


Contact us and get more information.

We work with public bodies, such as municipalities

for the creation of a strategic plan for the launch of the service.

The municipalities and exhibitors involved have no costs, they are all borne by Green23.

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